The Nova Scholarship program includes two distinct scholarship funds: The Thomas Gross Scholarship, established in 1989, and the Frederick Spaziani Scholarship, established in 1992. Since the first Scholarship awards, we have awarded a total of $2,300,000 in scholarships and stipends. In 2018, we plan to award $200,000 in scholarships, to the sons and daughters of Nova employees, at our annual Scholarship Dinner/Awards/Auction . Scholarship funds are raised primarily through an annual Scholarship Dinner and Auction. Items are donated by Nova vendors, employees, and our international dealers. These items are then auctioned at the Scholarship Dinner. Nova matches each dollar raised by the auction.

How We Have Helped The Children

During the 28 years that the Nova Scholarship Program has been in existence, it received truly wonderful support by Nova's employees, vendors, and friends. A substantial amount of money has been awarded to deserving young men and women. The Nova Scholarship Fund has granted 1082 scholarships and awards totalling $2,300,000.
The trustees would like to deeply thank everyone who has participated in these annual events. You have made a difference in the lives of many children.

How You Can Help

There are many ways that you can help these students:

  1. Donate an item or a service to the auction.
  2. Attend the Dinner/Auction/Scholarship Awards and help acknowledge the achievements of the award winners.
  3. Bid on the items and services offered at the auction.
  4. Cash donation.
  5. Be a sponsor.

This year the 2018 Nova Biomedical Scholarship Dinner will be held at Nova Biomedical's Corporate Headquarters,
200 Prospect St. Waltham, Massachusetts, 02454. If you can help and want to participate in this important event for
Nova's children, please complete the following brief form indicating your interest. A Nova Biomedical representative
will then contact you to discuss your unique contribution. Thank you